an introduction to the artist's sketching journal 

Explore drawing and fabulous marking methods for expressing your daily diary moments in a wonderful way with pen, inks, and paint in your very own journal. 

Tea and biscuits,  Japanese gel pen and journal all included!

Fridays 9:30am - 12pm   •    Nov 8 - Dec 13 | $325

Luminous Elephant Studios Inc., 1548 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC 

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what is drawing?


seeing, lines, textures, collage, shapes, colours, still life, mark making, painting, portraits, landscapes, cloudscapes, words, space,
difficult to define

everyday drawing


sketchbooks, journals, small drawings, big drawings, sketches, writing, series, communial, solitary, indoors, on the bus, outdoors, personal, universal, surprisingly worthwhile

Louise Phillips

Louise Phillips, self-portrait, gouache and ink on paper

I draw. I have a drawing art practice. And I'm pleased to offer drawing classes for groups and individuals. Drawing is really for everyone. Drawing is about discovery.