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Louise Phillips


how drawing practice began

I was alone in a quiet studio away from teachers, other students, and everyone else. On the table I had markers, pens, crayons, paper, an old paint brush, and the course book Drawing / Writing and the new literacy

I had studied art before, but this way of drawing was different. I followed the instructions. The exercises were amazing and challenging. My old art making skills and habits weren't helpful. I  learned to draw on the spot and in the moment. 

There was magic. Drawing became more and more about exploration and discovery. Writing was simply enriching. Soon even when I wasn’t drawing or writing, I saw more and sensed more .

What I learned lead to leading drawing practice classes where being in the moment, seeing bravely, and making honest marks are the core of drawing. Not technique. Not skill. I’ve witnessed adults who said they couldn’t draw, draw, and make wonderful discoveries about themselves and the phenomenal world. 


I am indebted to Susan Rich Sheridan, teacher and author of Drawing/Writing and the new literacy and my lineage of teachers, artists, students, and all who are with me on the path of seeing and drawing.


May there be joy in drawing, writing, and discovery.

Louise Phillips, BFA, TESOL Dipl.
Vancouver, Canada

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I invite and encourage all to draw.
It is a unique and often surprising journey.
May you be amazed!

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